Monday, 19 September 2016

A weekend at Windsor...

Obviously the Queen didn't get the memo that the Sawyer's were travelling down to Windsor this weekend...the wrong flag was flying above the castle meaning Her Mag wasn't home. Despite the lack of royal presence we had a fantastic weekend...

The M1, M25 and M4 did funny things to Jon

We had a fun day out at Legoland. The boys loved it and the Star Wars Lego experience was especially good. The queues are a bit annoying and I think because we have been spoilt with the theme parks in Florida the bar has been set pretty high! It's a great place if you are getting in with vouchers but not sure it is worth paying full price.

We stayed at the lovely Beaumont Estate hotel and the boys
collected the first conkers of the season!

We considered buying a house in Windsor...thought
about this one but it's a bit small for us

Signed the boys up for Eton whilst we were pressure lads

 Fantastic weekend, bring on the next adventure

Monday, 5 September 2016

Back to school....

The boys have got just one more day off school and then it's back to reality and thankfully back to a routine. We have had a fantastic summer and although it has gone quickly it has felt like a jam packed one as always. Everyone is ready for getting back into the school routines and then it's a simple case of counting down till Christmas!
As well as a couple of wonderful holidays we've also had some classic summer moments....

It's been epic Sawyer boys. Now bugger off back to school so I can have some peace! xx

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Our Freddie is Five!

Happy Birthday Freddie!

Five years ago, Sawyer baby numero two arrived and completed our little family of four. Since then life has been emotional, hectic and exciting all at once.

We are so proud of the little dude for happily getting through his first year at school before he even turned five.

His love for music, singing and dancing continues and we are constantly being entertained by his shows. He's so dependant on his big brother but in true younger sibling style he would never want to admit this and often takes out a lot of his frustrations on him. Samuel is so protective of Freddie and I'm sure they will always look out for each other.

Please feel free to stay five now for quite a while Fredster!

Happy Birthday little man

Glad you liked your pressies!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Carbis Bay 2016

Well I'm writing this feeling extremely grateful and lucky but at the same time rather sad! We have just had the most wonderful week in Cornwall and in all honestly I could have easily stayed for another week (or three). How do you happily say goodbye to a place that is this beautiful...

Our house that we booked through Carbis Bay Holidays was called Trelowen and it was absolutely perfect...


The beach was only a short walk away, down a few steep hills so the journey down there was always much easier than coming back in the afternoon. If Fredster can do it without moaning then it can't be that bad.
The beach in Carbis Bay is one of the most idyllic I have seen in the UK. The sand is soft and golden and the water was unbelievably clear. There are caves to explore and the waves varied from day to day - sometimes nice and calm, perfect for the little people and sometimes rougher and great for body boarding.




St Ives is only a mile away from Carbis Bay and
you can walk there along the coastal path. There is also a little train station near the beach and tickets into St Ives are very cheap and the journey only takes a few minutes.

Carbis Bay is a great base if you want to do bit of sightseeing. In one day we visited Lands End..


...the Minack Theatre

...and St Michael's Mount

It really was one of the best holidays we have had in the UK and I'm sure we will be going back.